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Politi + Siano Architects, pllc

Firm Profile— Politi + Siano Architects (PSA) is New York based group of architects, urban designers, and landscape architects that focuses on creating beautiful places to live, work, and play. PSA defines all their design concepts as a holistic design approach between the built environment, landscape, and engineering. This interconnection and collaboration between the different disciplines brings a clarity into the design concepts, allowing for a poetic way of taking the building’s program, site, and use of materials to create a series of spatial compositions not only defining the interior spaces, but creating the overall form of a building. This relationship between the interior and exterior not only enhances the singular structure, but the entire built environment around it. During the design process, the spatial compositions both inside and outside, as well as the form(s) of the project are studied for movement, light, and materiality. As designers, forms are interesting, but more interesting are the spatial compositions between these forms, or the negative space. It is within the negative of form were we experience life, or more importantly how we interact with the tangibles and Intangibles of life.