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Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Synergy was organized as a venture with expertise in construction, real estate sales and real estate development. Synergy began operations with its goals set on developing and building mixed use multifamily housing along with fulfilling a need for quality commercial, tenant and retail build outs.

What we do best is manage the design and construction process from start to finish. We have a strong work ethic of being nimble, flexible and enthusiastic about what we do, how we engage our projects, our clients, our consultants and the finished product. Our management and staff maintain an attitude of excellence in the performance of our duties from concept to completion. Through our work ethics, integrity and commitment, Synergy has built a solid foundation by building and cultivating relationships.

We align ourselves with clients, design firms, consultants, vendors and subcontractors that share or have similar philosophies. We ensure that working with Synergy is an enjoyable and mutually profitable experience. From concept to completion, Synergy is dedicated to supporting the efforts of our clients’ vision.