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[Capabilities: Epsilon Advisors, LLC provides strategic planning services (development of strategic plans and implementation of plans), new business growth plans, replication models and profitability analysis to small businesses. We also conduct market studies to access the viability of proposed business initiatives.


[Commodity Codes]: 454390 – Other Direct Selling Establishments (changed in 2022 codeset); 517 – Telecommunications; 541611 – Strategic planning consulting services; 551112 – Offices of Other Holding Companies; 813910 – Business associations; 91579 – Telecommunication Services (Not Otherwise Classified); 91821 – Business Consulting; 96120 – Customer Service Evaluation Services; 96153 – Marketing Service, Including Distribution, Public Opinion Surveys, Research, Sales Promotions, etc.; I-0086 – BUSINESS CONSULTANTS; I-0227 – ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; I-0416 – MARKET RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS; I-0673 – TELECOMMUNICATION DESIGN/STRATEGIC PLANNING

[Industry]: Services Consultants