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Culture Change Expert and Futurist

AWAKENING & COACHING extraordinary leaders and Fortune 500 companies to make their highest impact in the workplace and world through courageous self-development and culture innovation.



Organizational Strategy 
CEO/C-suite leadership team often lack the personal story and vision–powerful enough to achieve cohesive innovation, and to become the industry leaders they want to be
Initiatives are outsourced to often overworked volunteers and DEI leaders who lack the influence to affect systemic change–during a “war on talent” era, leading to retention problems
DEI, corporate responsibility, ESG, L&D often lack cohesion, alignment and effectiveness as a whole sustainability and ESG platform
Employee resource groups models are often archaic, lacking in resources and innovation
Supply chain diversity programs are just getting started or lack education, expertise and innovation

Employee Level

Lack of engagement and mobilization of groups who are resistant to change or over-extended
Supporting diverse populations, especially women in male dominated functions, or POC shouldering as the “few or only” in the room
Lack of allyship by managers to create spaces of belonging and tools for their team
Inclusion & equity training for leaders to communicate with greatest understanding in today’s social and racial injustice landscape
The invisible barriers that face women and caregivers in the future of work


S.H.E. Summit

  •  President & CEO
  •  Feb 2011 - Present

S.H.E. Summit is a global interactive experience to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and social impact in the workplace & the world. Real organizational change in diversity and inclusion doesn’t happen unless you take a whole-being approach. Listen to impactful live speakers, get exclusive networking opportunities and access community support you won't see anywhere else.

Claudia Chan

  •  Founder & CEO
  •  Feb 2011 - Present

As a culture change expert and futurist, the creator of the award-winning S.H.E. Summit™, a NY-Times celebrated author of This Is How We Rise, a UN Women Champion of Innovation, and a global leadership speaker, coach and advisor, Claudia Chan (She/Her/Hers) awakens and coaches leaders and Fortune 500 companies to make their highest impact in the workplace and the world.

Through her proven How We Rise curriculum and her passion for solving complex culture problems, Claudia designs powerful and safe learning spaces that pull leaders and organizations toward their highest potential of social, business and talent innovation. Her unique framework helps clients elevate the vision for who they are becoming, identify their highest visions and transform their deepest challenges and differences to create thriving cultures of wellbeing, belonging and performance.

Claudia is also a believer, wife and mother of two.

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After two decades of building equitable and inclusive cultures for companies like Moody’s, Disney, Google — what I find most effective and powerful about Claudia is that her programs help talent reset their careers as powerful vehicles for impact, and increase their passion and engagement with organizational initiatives in a format that is inspiring, practical and holistic. I speak at and attend conferences and learning programs regularly and I have found her content library and network to be some of the most compelling.