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Delicious Pickled Pepper Varieties

Mama Lil’s creates Pickled Peppers with flavor and heat! Mildly Spicy Pickled Peppers in oil, Sweet Hot Peppas in brine, Peppalilli mustard relishes Bread & Butter Pickles. Retail and Foodservice. Excellent with pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and eggs. Only the best locally grown and freshest ingredients make it into our products. We get all our produce from local farmers to create the tastiest gourmet products possible. From “The Original” Mildly Spicy and “Kick Butt”  (Spicy) Pickled Goathorn Peppers in Savory Garlic Olive Oil, Sweet Hot Peppers in Brine, PeppaLilli Mustard Pickle Relish, to our delicious Bread & Butter Pickles and Peppers, each variety has its own uniquely bold flavor. We invite you to try them all!