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God-honoring, family-owned

In 2008, 5M Civil performed sophisticated civil site planning for the Garden Montessori school of Wesley Chapel, the first preschool in the United States to receive certification as a Green School. In 2010, 5M Civil partnered in the design and permitting of the Ekker Project, a 25-acre upland and wetland restoration project for the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFMD).

Success continued for 5M Civil in 2012. That year the company helped the Plant City Family Care Redevelopment Project rehabilitate environmentally blighted land into a home for the Suncoast Community Healthcare Centers. 5M Civil developed a variance application and presentation for the Plant City Council and by acquiring permits through the DOT and SWFWMD ERP. Also in 2012, 5M Civil completed an integral role in the Southwest Florida Water Management District Clam Bayou Ecosystem Restoration and Stormwater Treatment Project. 5M Civil performed hydrologic and hydraulic analysis (H&H), design, and permitting services for the project, which was a showcase for the integration of environmental restoration and stormwater treatment.

As noted below, 5M Civil received various awards in the year 2013. Also in that year, our company assisted the TECO Manatee Viewing Center by designing and permitting a boat ramp, fishing dock, boat lift, and boat maintenance storage area for use by TECO, Florida Aquarium, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. The following year 5M Civil worked on some updates for Bull Frog Creek/Wolf Branch Watershed by developing public infrastructure drainage alternatives to resolve flooding level of service issues. Also in the year 2014, 5M Civil made a step away from its watery exploits and performed civil engineering planning, design, and permitting for a new City of Tampa Fire Rescue fire station, officially titled Fire Station 19. Project achievements include the successful acquisition of state stormwater permits and a significant reduction in utility fees by considering past site usage and using existing utility infrastructure.

The year 2016 witnessed the completion of the Rock Ponds Ecosystem Restoration Project. Here 5M Civil served as engineer of record to fast-track complete construction plans and specifications for the largest upland and wetland restoration project performed by the SWFWMD SWIM department.

Currently 5M Civil is witnessing tremendous growth in projects and eagerly looks forward to a bright future. 5M Civil has and will continue to successfully acquire permits from local permitting agencies including Hillsborough County, Pasco County, Pinellas County, City of Tampa, City of St. Petersburg, City of Clearwater, and others. Our company has also had the honor of working with several major local businesses and is excited to begin serving you.


5M Civil has been the honored recipient of several “Future of the Region” awards, outlined in detail below:

  • 2013 Future of the Region Award First Place for Community Service: Plant City Family Care Redevelopment Project

  • 2013 Future of the Region Award First Place for Natural Resource/The Environment: Clam Bayou Ecosystem Restoration & Stormwater Treatment Project

  • 2013 Future of the Region Award First Place for Going Green!: Plant City Family Care Redevelopment Project


With over 20 years of experience, Jesús Merly, P.E. is our company’s principal and a proven civil engineer in all aspects of the site, utility, traffic, and water resource engineering as well. He has planned, conducted, and performed engineering services for projects with construction fees in excess of nineteen million dollars and received a B.S. in Environmental Engineering with Highest Honors from the University of Florida in Gainesville in the year 1995.


“I would recommend Jesus to anyone who is looking for a great civil engineer! It is obvious that he has very high engineering abilities, but additionally, he is extremely ethical and moral, which is not always typical in today’s world. I have no problem recommending Jesus to everyone I know.”                                                                                                                                                                    
 ~David O’Brien, Owner of SurvTech Solutions, Inc.

“Jesus is a hard-working, conscientious individual with a great attitude and common-sense approach to issues.”                            
~Ed Cronyn, Environmental Manager, and Wetland Ecologist

“…Jesus…has a strong work ethic, enthusiasm for learning and doing a project properly, good understanding of H&H fundamentals, as well as a strong belief in serving God and family. I enjoyed working with Jesus and would highly recommend him for any water resources and civil type work.”                                                                                  
~Randall Graham, Water Resources Engineer 

“Thanks again Jesus for making us look good!”
~Thomas Ries, Vice President, SE Biological Services and Restoration Director, ESA | Environmental Science Associates