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This site is here to support vets, family and true friends of same. We operate as a de-centralized intelligence agency which fights the daily abuse of vets by the VA.

ALL vets together far outnumber our abusers (bad VA employees). So WHY does abuse openly happen day after day in every VA hospital? Because the VA uses the most used strategy on earth to control us. The VA uses Divide and Conquer techniques that have been effective since ancient times.

Numerous bad actor VA employees gaslight, silence, abuse and otherwise do all they can to make themselves look good, while making vets look bad.

Are YOU a vet, family member, or friend? Well, guess what. You are in our de-centralized intelligence agency! You see, ALL vets know SOMETHING about the VA abusers that might be helpful to other vets! ALL vets know SOMETHING that could help other vets in some way. STOP letting the VA Divide and Conquer us!

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